The Pre-processor to kick-start

During 1980's, when personal computers thrived the industry, the word "productivity" also boomed its use. Anyway there's no research with respect to the use-case but do Check this. The legacy from IoC (Internet of Computers), which boomed the shift to IoT (Internet of Things), is essentially the keyword itself -the Computer.
Now, by the time you started googling: IoT, you would have come across at least one of these: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, LoRa, Android things, etc. However, thanks to Google's knowledge graph, all of these are embedded devices usually used for M2M, IoT, automation, or for prototyping purpose.

We already know all the keyword in IoT, so, let's talk about micro-controllers. Micro-controller is essentially a microprocessor with inbuilt memory and peripheral pins. Here, another popular keyword - micro-processor, the brain that we learned since grade two; the one which contains ALU & CU (not going in details). Now you may give a thought why did I introduce Micro-controller in between; let me tell you something, the era of technology "might" took off many jobs but certainly it gave the surety of not being the dumbest in the room.

Micro-controller is used to read the data from sensors and using some communication module it sends the data to cloud. Unlike the computer(s) which has the power to do almost each and everything, the micro-controllers, are used to perform some 'specific task'. The simplest reason of this flaw could be the processor used in the micro-controller.
NOTE: While programming the micro-controller, do add some smartness in that stupid device; do not completely depend on the cloud based control.

The 'things', that has abducted attention of many tech enthusiasts is essentially the electronic device which contributes data that can be further processed for some useful information or for the development of "smart products".
Usually, the things are sensors. Sensors like temperature, humidity, heat, gas, motion, ultrasonic, Infrared, moisture, brightness (LDR), and many more.

As mentioned, micro-controllers are used to get the data from sensors, but its more of hard coding and bit difficult at a beginner level to start with micro-controller. So, we'll be requiring some programmable chip, essentially the SoC (System on Chip). There are many of this kind available in the market: Arduino boards, Raspberry-Pi series, BeagleBoard, Breadware board, Lora, Wiznet, etc (Of course you know them).
Here, the Arduino UNO & the Raspberry-Pi has ruled the market for last many years; and also became the most popular example of open source hardware. So, probably it gonna be the backbone to kick-start with IoT.

Get ready to develop.
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