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The Pre-processor to kick-start

During 1980's, when personal computers thrived the industry, the word "productivity" also boomed its use. Anyway there's no research with respect to the use-case but do Check this. The legacy from IoC (Internet of Computers), which boomed the shift to IoT (Internet of Things), is essentially the keyword itself -the Computer.
Now, by the time you started googling: IoT, you would have come across at least one of these: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, LoRa, Android things, etc. However, thanks to Google's knowledge graph, all of these are embedded devices usually used for M2M, IoT, automation, or for prototyping purpose. We already know all the keyword in IoT, so, let's talk about micro-controllers. Micro-controller is essentially a microprocessor with inbuilt memory and peripheral pins. Here, another popular keyword - micro-processor, the brain that we learned since grade two; the one which contains ALU & CU (not going in details). Now you may give a…

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